The Fire Department would not be the place it is today if not for the exemplary service of our retired members.

Chief Wendell Wilburn
Chief Sammy Negron
Chief James Colwell
Deputy Chief Clay Scoggins
Chief Wendell WilburnChief Sammy NegronChief James ColwellClay Scoggins
Battalion Chief Larry Deloach
Battalion Chief Scott Robinson
Capt. Sammy Breland

Capt. Paul Bridgman
Larry DeloachScott RobinsonCaptain Sammy BrelandCaptain Paul Bridgman
Lt. Kevin Crouse
Lt. Jack Mathison
Lt. Randy Waymire
Lt. Josh Doud
Lieutenant Kevin CrouseLieutenant Jack MathisonLieutenant Randy WaymireJoshua Doud
Lt. Peter Singleton
Lt. Gary Guldner
Firefighter III Kevin Ragsdale
Firefighter III Joe Whalen
Lt. Peter Singleton_squareGary GuldnerFirefighter III Kevin RagsdaleFirefighter III Joe Whalen
Firefighter III Derrick Howard
Firefighter III Jeff Salyers

Derrik HowardJeff Sawyers