Public Works

Welcome to the City of Beaufort Public Works Department

Our historic, 300-plus-year-old town is known as "Beautiful Beaufort by the Bay." The Public Works Department helps keep Beaufort looking beautiful by working hard every day with our small, yet dedicated staff.

Our responsibilities include streets and drainage, traffic control, and parks.  We work with contracted providers to assure a high level of customer service, though budget cuts have forced us to do more with less.

We take pride in our work, whether that's trimming palmetto fronds or pouring new sidewalks, cleaning out storm drains or picking up trash and debris from the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park.

Public Works Administrative building

Please find the completed Azalea Drainage Project that was presented to Council.

Notice to the Residents: 

West Royal Oaks & Adjoining Street Drainage Maintenance & Repair and Overview