Southside Boulevard Streetscape

Development Plans

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Project Summary

The Southside Boulevard Streetscape Project involves the removal and replacement of the existing sidewalk located on the north side of the street. The existing sidewalk is located an average of 3 feet off the existing edge of pavement, which places it closer to the road than preferred for pedestrian safety. The sidewalk is also in bad disrepair, with significant cracking and dislocation in many areas.

The proposed improvements call for removing the existing sidewalk and relocating it on the opposite side of the existing ditch line. The sidewalk will be relocated within the existing South Carolina Department of Transportation right-of-way closer to the adjacent residential lots. The construction of the new sidewalk will require relocation of some utilities, hardscapes, and fencing, but will not impact any private property. Along with the sidewalk relocation, the existing ditches and drainage structures will be repaired and improved as needed.