Lady's Island Plans & Studies

Lady's Island Plan 2018

The Lady's Island Plan is a joint planning effort between the City, County, and Town of Port Royal. Learn more about the Lady's Island Plan.

Stantec Study 

This plan was adopted by the City of Beaufort and Beaufort County in 2017. Download the Final Report (PDF). The plan was updated in 2021. The 2021 Traffic Study.

2038 Traffic Simulation Video

Traffic Study

The Lady's Island Corridor Plan is a long range traffic study of Sea Island Parkway on Lady's Island and the surrounding area. The project scope extends from the Wood's Memorial Bridge to the Chowan Creek Bridge on Sea Island Parkway. It also includes Lady's Island Drive from Rue du Bois to Sea Island Parkway, and Sam's Point Road from Sea Island Parkway to Miller Drive, along with many side streets within the study area.

Information Meetings & Actions

The first Public Information Meeting was held on September 29, 2016. In that meeting, the City introduced the study’s goals and objectives and requested citizen input on how the roadway corridors may be improved. Following that meeting, the city has performed in-depth evaluations and developed conceptual plans for improving Lady’s Island.

The second Public Presentation was held on February 16. At that meeting, the concept plans and detailed explanations of the strategies were presented to the public. Feedback was given from many of the more than 150 attendees and is in the process of being aggregated by the city in order to finalize the concept plans and present them for adoption.

Project Documents