Strategic Plans

The Beaufort Strategic Plan 2018 through 2020

Each goal includes the rationale and ways to measure progress and success.  Furthermore, the plan also identifies the staff tasked with monitoring and/or implementing the work.

The plans reflect immediate concerns that also have connections to the long-term vitality and growth of the City of Beaufort.

A summation of the six goals of the Strategic Plans is as follows:

Goal 1

Encourage sustainable economic growth through new businesses and expansions to achieve diversification of the tax base and career paths into or beyond middle income through targeted recruitment of businesses in technology, knowledge management, advanced manufacturing and emerging sectors.

Goal 2

Create a long-range plan and identify available revenue streams to address the City's infrastructure. Develop engineering and construction plans to address storm water, flooding, and rising sea level issues that will affect the City.

Goal 3

Create and maintain a comprehensive, proactive communication plan.

Goal 4

Through tourism and an active, vibrant downtown, attract those who wish to relocate their offices and businesses here to live, work and play by capitalizing on that which gives Beaufort unmatched quality of life opportunities.

Goal 5

Initiate a plan to accommodate significant growth through infill development within the Northwest Quadrant, parts of the Old Commons, and parts of Dixon Village.

Goal 6

Create and coordinate opportunities for housing that is affordable to be constructed in the City.

 View the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

Past Strategic Plans