Beaufort means business

Beaufort is all about business. We offer a stable economy, great location and a desire to help companies with relocation, expansion and retention. Beaufort is within an hour’s drive of Charleston and Savannah. The city manager and director of Community Development provide personal assistance to help businesses incubate, grow and/or relocate, and can provide information on demographics, incentives, potential sites, transportation, and the workforce.

Doing business with the City

Beaufort Vendor Registry provides a one-stop, 24-hour portal for vendor services and contract information. Vendors can self-manage W9, registration, compliance, and bid information. It provides open access for vendors to compete for the public’s business. Vendor Registry

Business licenses

Business licenses are issued through our Finance Department. You will find more information there about opening a business in Beaufort, the necessary licenses, and when taxes are due. Business License page


The Community Development Department enforces building and zoning codes. You’ll find information about obtaining business permits,  inspections, zoning, engineering and more. The department also promotes design standards for new construction, as well as renovation and reuse of existing City buildings. You will also find guidelines for development in the Historic Landmark District through this department.


The State of South Carolina and Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation provide programs, services, and incentives that make it easier for corporations, vendors and small businesses to operate and succeed in our state.

Equal business opportunity

Our website provides information on a wide range of topics, including resources pertaining to minority business participation on
City contracts and becoming certified to do business with the City of Beaufort.