Beaufort 2030

Future Labs

The City of Beaufort held two workshops for a "Futures Lab - Beaufort 2030" on January 17th and February 13th, 2019.  This was a great a opportunity to join with other community leaders, change-makers, and up-and-comers for a unique and honest conversation about our community’s future.

During our Future Beaufort 2030 Labs there were lots of participation in the discussion of the community trends within our county.  As we look forward to community projects as a whole, not just within the City limits, we need to collaborate better within our community, to ensure that we are heading in the right direction for the future for our community, children and grandchildren. 

Everyone who has attended the labs seems to be satisfied with the outcome.  Our presenter Rebecca Ryan did her best to make us think outside the box and look to the future with an open mind.

We encourage our community to continue to share their thoughts and comments with us and in helping us improves collaboration.  We look forward to working with everyone for a better future for the City of Beaufort and Beaufort County as a whole.


As part of Beaufort 2030 discussion, certain trends we are facing now and possibly in the future were discussed.  To mention a few such as affordable housing, rising sea level, and economic development.  View a full listing (PDF).

Community Input

A survey was sent out to the participants of Beaufort 2030 Labs and to our diverse community to get input on what they feel is a priority trend that Beaufort County is currently facing.  The survey was optional, the feedback went to the City’s consultant, Ms. Rebecca Ryan.  Ms. Ryan is helping the City with this process and all feedback is most helpful. Once all data is collected we will share the report.

June 2019 -  Final Report from Beaufort 2030 workshops and survey.

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