What is the Boundary Street Redevelopment Corridor project, and why is it needed?

Building a better Beaufort is the goal of a $30 million investment in Boundary Street to create a safer and more scenic entry to the city, provide better commercial and retail locations, and improve traffic conditions.

A financial impact analysis indicates the local economy will see $5 in benefits for every $1 invested in the Boundary Street Redevelopment District.

The project includes:

  • Creating commercial/retail nodes
  • Expanding the Spanish Moss Trail in partnership with Beaufort County
  • Providing alternate ways for people to reach commercial/retail locations, including bike and walking paths, improving efficiency
  • Realigning the intersection of South Carolina (SC) 170 and Boundary Street to make it safer and to help traffic flow more smoothly
  • Retrofitting, re-investing, and redeveloping neglected areas of the corridor

The work is part of a larger effort to reconfigure Beaufort from near the Marine Corps Air Station to annexed areas of Lady’s Island, thus creating a unified and connected neighborhood designed for people, not just cars.

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1. What is the Boundary Street Redevelopment Corridor project, and why is it needed?
2. What areas of Boundary Street will be affected?
3. When will work start, and how long will it take?
4. What kind of traffic problems and delays should we expect?
5. Will Boundary Street be reduced to two lanes? How will the design of Boundary Street be changed?
6. What will be the speed limits on Boundary Street and the Parallel Road?
7. Isn’t the landscaped median a waste of space that could be used for more lanes of traffic?
8. Why are improvements needed on Polk Street?
9. How will the new Boundary Street design affect truck and emergency vehicles?
10. What are the economic benefits expected from this project, especially to the business along Boundary Street?
11. Where’s the money coming from for this project?
12. Are there any environmental impacts to the construction or overall design?