Application & Renewal

Except for a Group Event Business Licenses or a Temporary Contractor's License, a company's initial business license is valid from the time it begins operations through Dec. 31. Every year thereafter, the license requires annual renewal.  

As a courtesy renewal forms are emailed or mailed to the address on file. The City also publishes a public notice on our website and social media sites.

  1. Resident Businesses
  2. Non-Resident Businesses

All resident applicants will be required to submit the following documents and complete applicable zoning requirements:

Zoning Approval

If your business is a commercial location and you are a resident applicant, you must get zoning approval by submitting a Zoning (Safety) Application

If you are a home-based business, you will need to submit a Home Occupation Application

If you are a short-term rental business, you will need to submit a Short Term Rental Application.

Other Requirements for Specialized Industries


The City values its businesses and offers the following discounts:

  • If you are a resident or non-resident business and your business license is renewed by March 15 (normal due date to renew is April 15) a 1.5% discount is applied to your license fee.
  • If you are resident business and have been in operation for five years or more, and remit your renewal fee by March 15, you are entitled to an additional 1.5%.
  • Businesses have a potential to receive a maximum 3% discount.

Delinquent Fees

Business License Renewals are due on or before April 30.  Failure to remit your renewal fee by that date will result in delinquent penalty fees. 

Monthly delinquent fees will be added to all business licenses. The following penalty stages are accrued monthly:

Penalty Stage
Percentage Accrued
May 1 to May 31 15%
June 1 to June 30 15%
July 1 to July 31 10%               
Aug 1 to Aug 31 10%

An additional 5% penalty will be assessed on the 1st of every month thereafter.