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Dominion tree pruning updates

Posted on: March 5, 2021

Dominion pruning update through March 12

March 5, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please see the maps below that detail the Dominion Energy tree-trimming project from March 5-12.  Residents will see far fewer crews in the area given the completion of the bulk of the pruning work. In the coming week, Dominion is working diligently to complete punch-list items and detail work that includes removing selected palmetto trees.       

Arborists Will Epting, of Dominion, and Michael Murphy, with the City, have both inspected the project areas to identify the few locations that require additional attention. Both inspectors were keen to identify the consistency and quality of the pruning work. During this final phase of the project, Dominion does not anticipate that crews will work this weekend.     

While all major pruning has been completed, Dominion will be removing selected palmetto trees if those trees interfere with the reliability of energy service or they pose a threat to life or property. Just this week, a resident living in The Point neighborhood recounted an instance where he was required to extinguish a fire caused by power lines coming in contact with a palmetto. In another instance, a Dominion Energy contractor removed a tree limb that had been burned as a result of coming in contact with the power lines. Thankfully, this issue was identified and rectified early so the threat to life and property was eliminated. 

Dominion is making every effort to contact each residence where the removal of a palmetto tree is necessary. If any resident has a question about the status of palmettos in the vicinity of their homes, they are strongly encouraged to contact Dominion Energy or the City at the numbers or emails listed below. All calls and emails will be answered and all issues will be addressed. It is critical to remember that Dominion will be removing only those trees that threaten energy delivery or pose a potential threat to life and property.                   


We have enjoyed another week of perfect safety. Safety is the No. 1  concern for both the City of Beaufort and Dominion Energy! We respectfully request all pedestrians to remain safely away from the work areas. There will certainly be fewer crews in the area completing punch-list and detail work items, but please give these workers a wide berth. They are focused on their finishing work and not necessarily on the road or pedestrians. Also remember that if you cannot see tree trimmers, they cannot see you.         

Stay informed

Both the City of Beaufort and Dominion Energy have provided project leads to address questions, comments, or concerns. Will Epting is representing Dominion Energy and can be reached at or 1-800-251-7234. Neal Pugliese is representing the City of Beaufort and can be reached at or 843-470-3512 anytime. Both Will and Neal will continue to respond to your questions, comments, or concerns very quickly. No issue is too big or too small so don’t hesitate to call or email. 

Please encourage all those affected or interested in the Dominion Energy project to register with the “Notify Me” application found on the City of Beaufort website ( and subscribe to the Dominion tree pruning updates which will be delivered directly via text or email.       

The project is winding down. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the great weather this weekend.     

Neal Pugliese, Col USMC (Ret)
Mossy Oaks Multijurisdictional Drainage Task Force

The Point

The Point March 5

Spanish Point

Spanish Point March 5

Mossy Oaks

Mossy Oaks March 5

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