How did the TDAC decide who to recommend for funding for Fiscal Year 2018?

The Applications were made available on August 10, 2017 with an original application deadline September 15, 2017. Due to the threat from Hurricane Irma, the deadline was extended until September 29, 2017. Public Notices were published in the Island Packet for both the original deadline and the revised deadline. Applicants were required to make personal presentations of their requests to the committee on October 13.

For the current year, Fiscal Year 2018, the City of Beaufort allocated $200,903 in accommodations taxes for distribution.

Committee members reviewed each application, considered how the request fit into overall mission to promote tourism within the state's tax guidelines, and then heard in-person presentations from each group seeking funds.

One of the committee's priorities was stretching each grant dollar as far as possible. For instance, marketing materials and promotions that included an Internet component (website, Facebook, other social media, etc.) earned more attention that print-only projects. Projects that demonstrated partnerships with other organizations also earned attention.

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