City of Beaufort/ Town of Port Royal Fire Department

Welcome to the City of Beaufort/Town of Port Royal Fire Department. I am pleased to welcome you to our community and to your Fire Department.

The Fire Department operates out of four stations and provides a variety of emergency services. First and foremost, we provide ISO Class 1 fire suppression services. We also provide basic medical first responder service, emergency rescue, hazard mitigation, and codes enforcement for the City of Beaufort.

Your Fire Department is very proud to be a member of the service delivery team for the City of Beaufort/Town of Port Royal. Our team always comes with a smile and helping hand, and compassion for what you may be facing.

Your Fire Department boasts the most successful community education division in our region. We educate countless schoolchildren, community groups, neighborhood organizations, and businesses every year with an evolving program that includes fire safety/prevention, personal safety, and first aid and CPR. Call 843-525-7055 to schedule your program today!

I live and work alongside you in the most beautiful community on the East Coast. I am always here to answer your questions, field your concerns, discuss our services, or simply talk about how grand it is to live and work in the Beaufort/Port Royal community.

If I can be of any assistance please, feel free to stop by my office at 135 Ribaut Road or call 843-525-7055.

I will be happy to speak with you or meet for a chat.


Reece Bertholf Signature

Reece Bertholf
Fire Chief