Each year, fires that occur in private homes continue to rise, while fires in public buildings steadily drop. A major contributor in these statistics are improvements to fire codes and aggressive fire and life safety inspections.

Public Building Fires

However, statistics also show that when a fire does erupt in a public building, a large number of deaths occur. It is the history of such tragic fires that have provided the roots and the frame work for the codes that are enforced today.

Statistics show that 80% of all businesses that have sustained a substantial fire are unable to reopen and go out of business.

"The Station" nightclub fire which occurred in 2002, killing 100 people. Violations of fire code were a major cause of the fire as well as the subsequent deaths.

The Station Nightclub Fire

Beaufort Fire Department Inspections

The City of Beaufort Fire Department maintains an aggressive fire inspection program of its public buildings.

The inspection program consists of a Fire Marshal, who oversees the inspection program and works regular business hours Monday through Friday, and six engine company inspectors who work a 24 hours on, 48 hours off (24/48) shift schedule.

Our local businesses and employees are very important to us, as well as to our great city. Our main focus and mission is to work closely with our business owners to ensure that their business, and the thousands of patrons who frequent every year, enjoy themselves and remain safe.