Training Division


Officers receive ongoing training in the use of:

  • Defensive tactics
  • Firearms
  • Oeoresin capsicum (pepper) spray
  • Taser
  • Domestic violence intervention and prevention
  • Legal updates
  • Emergency vehicle operations

All training provided by the Beaufort Police Department meets or exceeds training requirements outlined by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

Division goals

Specific goals of the division include:

  • Assist other agencies in region and state with their training needs.
  • Network with providers and other agencies throughout the state.
  • Periodically review and evaluate the training available to personnel and to make recommendations for improvement.
  • Develop lessons plans related to the needs of the department using a variety of training resources and to develop qualified instructors.
  • Provide department employees with training designed to meet their needs in performing assigned tasks to fulfill the department’s goals and objectives.